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6 Spacing Issues a Mini Skip Bin Can Solve During Rubbish Disposal Projects

Rubbish takes up a lot of space. And the rubbish disposal process itself takes up space. Spacing issues can slow down a rubbish disposal project, which in turn prevents you from moving on with other projects, such as renovation and garden work. Skip bins are a convenient way to dispose of rubbish, but they too take up a lot of valuable space. Mini skip bins are the answer to this issue.

Hiring a mini skip bin can help to solve a number of spacing issues during a rubbish disposal project.

1. Street access problems

In a small street, with parked cars and little room to manoeuvre, a large skip bin truck will struggle to deliver your skip bin. Mini skips use smaller trucks. This means the smaller trucks can more easily navigate to your property even if you live in a small street.

2. Property access problems

If the access point to your property is narrow, a large skip won't fit. This would mean that you have to seek a permit from your council to place a skip on the nature strip. That would cost extra money and time. Getting a mini skip bin could solve this issue.

3. Placement problems

If space is limited on your property because of landscaping, garden work or your property is small, a mini skip bin can help. You can still dispose of your rubbish without having to walk off your property.

4. Parking problems

Large skip bins can take up parking space on the street or on a driveway. This can become a problem if your rubbish disposal project will take days to complete. Using a mini skip bin will save valuable space for parking.

5. Confined spacing issues for outdoor projects

When you're carrying out a landscaping project, tree removal project or construction project in a small area, a large skip bin will obstruct you and slow you down. A mini skip will allow you to work close to your skip bin. Instead of hiring one large skip bin, you can hire two, with second of the mini skip bins to be delivered at the same time as the first bin is taken away.

6. Placement risks regarding injury and damage

Large skip bins can be hazardous to place when there are large trees, utility lines and other obstructions in the way. Removal too can become dangerous in such spaces. Hire a mini skip bin if you worry about safety during placement.

If your project needs a skip bin for rubbish disposal but you have spacing issues, choose a mini skip bin instead of a standard skip bin. You'll still be able to dispose of your rubbish conveniently without compromising your space.