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Rubbish Removal Questions to Ask Services Providers During Holidays

Rubbish removal services are essential for keeping a neighbourhood clean, and this goes a long way in ensuring a healthy surrounding. That said, holidays can be quite overwhelming to service providers due to the amount of garbage available for collection. Therefore, it is essential to plan early to avoid being caught up with overflowing garbage. This article highlights critical questions to ask when hiring rubbish removal services during holidays.

Is Your Rubbish Collection Schedule Flexible?

Rubbish removal services rely on strict schedules to collect waste from each neighbourhood. However, holidays offer a different challenge because most people are at home, including most garbage removal staff. Therefore, it is likely that some rubbish removal services might not schedule garbage collection on holidays. However, service providers might decide to push back their rubbish collection days to ensure there is no rubbish lying on the streets on a particular holiday. On the other hand, you might be lucky to find a service provider that does not change their collection schedule during holidays. Either way, you need to ask about flexible garbage collection schedules in advance.

Do You Offer Extra Bins?

Most rubbish removal services are also in the business of hiring bins to commercial facilities as well as residential homes. In most cases, service providers hire out single bins to residential homes, and the containers can vary in size. However, holidays tend to bring family and friends together, and the amount of rubbish produced might be significant. Therefore, it is critical to ask a rubbish removal service provider if they offer extra bins upon request. You must understand that some service providers do not agree to this, especially if they do not have enough dumpsters to cater to a big clientele. Asking for the availability of extra bins beforehand can save you a lot of frustration when you have a lot of rubbish to dispose of.

Do You Offer Holiday Rubbish Removal Packages?

What type of holiday packages does a rubbish removal service have on offer? For instance, during the Christmas holidays, some rubbish removal companies offer free Christmas tree removal services since most of the trees go to recycling centres. Other service providers might offer reduced rates to clients that hire more than one dumpster. Such holiday packages go a long way in keeping rubbish removal costs as low as possible. Most importantly, it saves money that can be added to a holiday budget.