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Garden Waste Disposal Tips

Homeowners who have a garden around their home produce a large amount of waste that can later be converted into fertilizer for use in the garden. In fact, it is estimated that every Australian household produces approximately 400 kg of domestic waste yearly.

This necessitates the need for proper removal and handling of green waste. If you are an eco-friendly homeowner, here are a few tips to help you manage your garden waste.

Composting Is a Necessity

Many homeowners do not realise that it's a lot easier to compost garden waste. Even the simple forms of compost can enrich your soil, and you can eventually make significant savings. The systems can be created in a simple heap in your backyard, old garbage bins, and wooden boxes.

To create a great compost system nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and water are necessary. Nitrogen and carbon come from ingredients such as fresh lawn chips, weeds, branches and leaves. Oxygen facilitates faster decomposition and is obtained by regularly turning the mixture. Water keeps the mixture moist but not wet.

A Worm Farm

Worms play an important part in the recycling of organic waste. In fact, they can help to effectively get rid of organic waste and kitchen scraps which can be a burden to many homeowners. Worm farms sometimes need different fibrous materials to maintain optimal performance, and this is where you'll find weather grass clippings handy.

Skip Bins Are Handy

The good thing about using green skip bins from your local council is that the waste is processed, recycled and later distributed to nurseries which landscapers use as compost. It is, however, important for homeowners to understand what can and cannot be put in such compost bins.

General rubbish, paper, building materials, food scraps and plastic bags should never be placed in such bins. A few friendly wastes you may want to consider include grass clippings, branches, leaves and flowers. Contact a garbage removal service, like Astute Waste Management Services, to learn more.

Visit your local recycling and waste facility

Many local councils are now upgrading or introducing recycling waste services in a bid to reduce organic waste that eventually goes to the landfills. Transfer or tip stations which also known as resource recovery centres are still an ideal option for gardeners who are looking to dispose of green waste.

The advantage of using such centres is that they accept any amount of waste you can carry on your trailer or car. Some of the green waste that is acceptable by many councils include grass clippings, branches, loose bark and palm fronds.