How to Get a Good Deal on Garbage Removal

Tips for Improving Domestic Recycling

The fight against environmental pollution could improve if families adopted good recycling habits. Unfortunately, some homes in Australia have not taken up any recycling habits, and the few households that practice recycling approach it the wrong way. Therefore, all families need to adopt proper garbage disposal measures to improve household waste recycling. This article highlights such measures.

Place Bin in Every Room -- Most families have one bin that is often placed in the kitchen. In some rare cases, homes have two recycling bins. However, one bin is not enough for effective recycling because different rooms collect various wastes. For instance, a kitchen collects bio-waste, bottles, containers, and packaging materials. On the other hand, a bedroom collects fabric, textile, plastics, and glass waste. The only way waste from all these rooms can meet recycling standards is by avoiding cross-contamination. This is difficult to achieve in a household that has a single bin. A better approach is to place a bin in every room. It ensures waste from different rooms is free from contamination, thereby meeting recycling standards.

Rinse Food Containers -- As mentioned earlier, uncontaminated waste is easier to recycle compared to contaminated waste. This is especially the case with food packaging and containers because disposing plastic with food remnants adds an extra stage or two (washing and drying) in a recycling line. The downside of rinsing packaging containers is slowing down of productivity. However, if every household rinsed all containers before tossing them in waste bins, the productivity in recycling plants would improve. This way, recyclers can focus their efforts on the core recycling activity rather than on cleaning and rinsing. Overall, doing the cleaning and rinsing at home encourages recycling and reduces environmental pollution.

No Plastic Bags in Bins -- Most recyclers agree that plastic bags encourage tangling inside a waste bin, consequently making the sorting process challenging. Unfortunately, most households still throw their plastic bags together with other kinds of waste in garbage bins. However, you should avoid doing to improve recycling efforts. Besides, keeping plastic bags away from recycling machines prevents shutdowns resulting from tangled moving parts. Therefore, ensure you take all your plastic bags to a designated drop off area because they do not belong in your bin with other recyclable waste.  Alternatively, you can collect waste plastic bags in a separate bin to prevent mixing with the rest of the waste during garbage removal.

To learn more, contact a recycling centre.